AiM Cobra / Taipan UC Bridge Tuner

AiM Cobra / Taipan UC Bridge Tuner


(Typically ships in 15 days)


AiM Cobra / Taipan UC Bridge


AiM Motocross Bar Pad without Cross Brace for Solo 2, Solo 2 DL

AiM Cobra / Taipan UC Bridge Tuner

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Brands AIM Sports
Product Code: C-UCB-T - XE1UCBT00
Availability: Typically ships in 15 days

AiM Cobra UC Bridge Tuner:

The AiM Cobra UC Bridge Tuner is the connection between the CAN bus of the ECU and the USB port of your PC. This UC Bridge Tuner has been specifically designed to program and configure an unprogrammed Cobra ECU.

Key Features :

  • Tuner Licence
  • Basic Maps

Tuner License:

This UC Bridge Tuner has been specifically designed to program and configure an unprogrammed Cobra ECU. 

If you purchase an unprogrammed Cobra ECU you will need this tuner to configure it. The Cobra ECU will able to be configured to any brand/model of bike.

With this license, the tuner can create custom maps, configurations and strategies designed for the rider's bike, allowing full ECU control. The tuner can flash then directly on the ECU or send an e-mail to allow the rider to download and install them in the ECU.

*Please Note: For information regarding the UC-Bridge Tuner, Please contact one of our AiM technical team for further information.

Cobra ECU Connections - Optional Extra Click Here to purchase the AiM ECU.

The Cobra ECU has 4 connectors :

Main Connector - Compatible with most off-road bikes.
CAN Connector - Connects to the Handlebar Switch and Data Logger.
2nd CAN Connector - Connect to the UC Bridge, in order to communicate with the PC.
3rd Connector - Connect to spare analogue inputs and to a possible second injector.


  • All Offroad, Supermoto, Enduro or Motocross

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