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MoTeC Ducati Panigale V4 / V4 R / V4 S Superbike Electronics Package

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Product Code: MoTeC-V4-SBK
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Our comprehensive professional racing Superbike electronics package for the Panigale V4 (R / S / Base / Superleggera). This system brings the Panigale V4's power, and on-track performance level to it's zenith, by means of advanced electronics strategies, motorsports-grade wiring, hardware and sesnors. Also included are application-designed mounting hardware and saddles for the ECU, IMU, Battery and Dash. This all amounts to a puropose-engineered professional solution, specific to the V4, that will last many, many years of professional racing use. 

As an added benefit, this system is broken down into sub looms with autosport connectors throughout, for massively improved serviceability, robustness, water proof connections and a modular design. We will provide free base support, tuning and setup for each customer who purchases this package. 

Included in each kit:

MoTeC M130 ECU (M170 available as well)

MoTeC C125 Dash

MoTeC LTCD Dual Lambda Sensor Kit

MoTeC IGN-4 Ignition Drivers

MoTeC L10 GPS Unit

Ducati V4 R Superbike Firmware

5 Button Left Handlebar Switch Assembly

4 Button Right Handlebar Switch Assembly

2x 10 Bar Pressure Sensors for Oil & Fuel

2x 50 Bar Pressure Sensors for Brakes Front & Rear

1000N Load Cell Shift Sensor

100mm Slim Shock Potentiometer

150mm or 175mm Slim Fork Potentiometer

BDD1626, Fuel Pressure Sensor Adaptor 

Ignition Switch - IP67 2 pole - Sealed - 150mm 

RFB-B7152-PDM, Power Distribution Module

Custom Battery / Starter Cables

Central Saddle Assembly

Battery Cover

IMU Mount

Dash Mount

Various supporting hardware and wiring components to allow for complete installation


Firmware Information:

The firmware included in this package is a full professional superbike grade package, with a host of tuning features and fully tuneable open advanced strategies, including:

Dual Bank Drive By Wire Control

Advanced Engine Braking Control With Open and Closed Loop Control

Advanced Traction Control Strategies

Advanced Torque Control, Tuneable Per Gear

Advanced Wheelie Control Strategy

Launch Control Strategy

Anti Spin Strategy

High Resolution Fuel Mapping With Per Cylinder Trims

Closed Loop Fuel Control Available Per Cylinder, Per Bank or Single Lambda

Track Position or "Sector" Control of Torque, Traction Control, Engine Braking and More!

Fully Tuneable Upshift / Downshift Control "Quickshift and Auto Blip"

Massive Sensor Support For Most Motorsports Sensors

Rev Limit Control Per Gear

Adjustable Ratios For Transmission Gears

Pit Limit

Much, much more!


MotoAmerica Superbike-Spec Firmware is also available. 

  • 2018-2020 Ducati Panigale V4

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