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Beringer 2D1 Axial Brake Caliper - 84mm Spacing

Beringer 130mm Calipers 2007-2014 Yamaha YZF-R1

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Brands Beringer Braking Systems
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Whats different about these Beringer calipers:

- True 130mm spacing, no adapters needed.

- They are thinner, stronger and lighter than the Brembo HPK calipers while providing exteme Braking Performance with reduced brake fade and deflection these calipers are an excellent choice.

- Lightweight, thin profile allows for front wheel removal without caliper removal subject to front fender flexibility.

- Quick, easy pad change. Less than 60 seconds per caliper without removing the caliper!!! Extremely strong with less deflection = reduced lever travel, consistent braking regardless of temperature or effort.

- Less fluid required to initiate piston response. More even pad wear.

- Reduction in heat transfer due to specially formulated stainless alloy pistons = reduced brake fade.

- The Calipers Come with High performance street Brake pads but they can be upgraded to Race pads for additional cost.

- Hard Nickel Plating provides an ultra smooth slidingsurface for the internal pistons while providing exceptionally highheat tolerance, and is available on all Beringer Calipers for anadditional $50 per caliper.

Prices listed are for 2 calipers, individual units are available.

See color samples in above photos - We've displayed other caliper models and Beringer products to illustrate color. First photo of red caliper is the 130mm unit.

NOTE: Beringer braking products are typically special order and may have extended lead times.


  • 2009-2014 Yamaha YZF-R1

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