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GET ECU Universal Quick Shifter Sensor - Offroad / Supermoto

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Brands GET ECU
Product Code: GS-CAM-0002
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This shift sensor from GET offers a universal toe peg with an integrated shifter, with wiring terminated using a Sumitomo 2P connector. The sensor is a normally open design, closing upon engagement. 

The shift sensor does not include a shift arm and must be adapter to the existing shift arm on your motorcycle, which may require some modification (pictured on a Zeta Revolver shift lever).

The GET ECU quickshift sensor is a universal design, but can be used as a plug and play application on Yamaha models equipped with the RX1 Pro ECU and appropriate sub harness. This sensor can be used with any compatible hardware that accepts a normally open type of shift sensor. 

  • All Offroad, Supermoto, Enduro or Motocross

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