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Superbike Unlimited Rear Brake Rotor - Aprilia

Superbike Unlimited Rear Brake Rotor - 2019+ (2020 US) BMW S1000RR

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Made from high-carbon stainless steel, these are heat treated to make one of the lightest and strongest rear rotors on the market.
We have done extensive heat testing of these rotors, including dragging the rear brake on a dyno until the rotor is glowing red multiple times, with absolutely no warping.
The term ‘un-sprung weight’ refers to any part of a bike’s mass not supported by the springs of its suspension. The relationship or ratio between the sprung and un-sprung parts of a bike can have a big impact on the suspension’s performance, both in terms of comfort and tire grip. 

Lowering the weight of bike parts, sprung or otherwise, will have advantages in terms of acceleration – thrust divided by weight equals acceleration. This will add power and/or reduce the weight of the bike and therefore the bike will be faster. When you eliminate 3kg from a 100bhp, 200kg bike it is roughly equal to gaining one extra horsepower. 

For example, if you reduce the weight of a wheel, it will have even more effect on acceleration, as power is used in acceleration of the rotation of a wheel (along with tires, sprockets, discs) itself. Any weight saved on these rotating parts, means less power used in spinning them up to speed and a consequent increase in the power left to accelerate the mass of the entire bike. As a direct, result, weight lost from the wheels or rotors, will be directly felt by the rider.
  • 2019-2021 BMW S1000RR / M1000RR

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