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OZ Motorbike GASS RS-A Forged Aluminum Wheel Set - 2018 Ducati Panigale V4

OZ Cattiva RS-A Forged Aluminum Wheel Set - 2020 BMW S1000RR

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Brands OZ Forged Wheels
Product Code: CATTIVA-RS-A-S1000RR
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OZ Motorbike forged aluminium wheel set Cattiva RS-A in a 6-spoke-design. This racing wheel set provides a significantly better handling characteristic by reducing the unsprung mass. Alpha Racing / BMW Motorrad specification. These wheels include the WSBK-spec antislip coating along the tire bead, to minimize tire slip along the rim. 

Note: Standard OZ rear sprocket with inner diameter 76 mm required. We suggest our Gandini line. 

Weight: 7.5 kg
Front wheel: 2.78 kg
Rear wheel: 3.88 kg
Sprocket carrier: 0.84 kg

OEM Weights:
BMW OEM forged wheel: 3.14 / 4.42 kg (front / rear, without valves)
BMW OEM carbon wheel: 2.50 / 3.30 kg (front / rear, without valves)

- front wheel 3.50" x 17"
- rear wheel 6.00" x 17"
- sprocket carrier
- adaptor rear brake disc
- angled valves

PLEASE NOTE: Front spacers are reused from OE forged or carbon wheels. Disc carriers are for OE forged / carbon wheels only. If you have OE cast wheels, you will need new wheel spacers and brake discs. 

  • 2019-2021 BMW S1000RR

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