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Q: What is flashing?

A: Flashing is the rewriting of parameters and values, set in your OEM ECU by the manufacturer. 

Q: How does flashing help my motorcycle?
A: Often, manufacturers are required to adhere to strict EPA laws, that limit the emissions a motorcycle can produce. In order to meet these regulations, some motorcycle are 'detuned' in order to produce lower emissions. Other times, manufacturers limit the power a motorcycle can make, help the bike be more manageable to less experienced riders. Superbike Unlimited's ECU flash optimizes the power your motorcycle is capable of producing by removing these restrictions and applying performance-oriented tuning.
Q: Is flashing beneficial for a stock motorcycle?
A: Yes. The only difference is the fuel mapping applied. A stock motorcycle will still see radical increases in power and useability. 
Q: What if I don't know what settings to use?
A: We have obtained a considerable amount of data by using our flashes on our race bikes and can offer suggested settings, or insight on how each setting works. 
Q: Is ECU flashing going to make my motorcycle unreliable?
A: No. We tune each motorcycle to be as powerful as it can be, while still tuning conservatively. We tune so that each bike can still be ridden daily, with the same reliability as a stock machine. The only thing you need to do is run premium (91+ Octane) fuel and adhere to your standard service intervals.
Q: Does flashing void my warranty?
A: Most likely, however we can restore your ECU to stock if needed.

Q: Are there any risks to my ECU (ie it getting "fried" or "bricked") during the flashing process?

A: Absolutely not. The process by which we flash your ECU imposes absolutely no risk to your ECU. We guarantee that we will not fry or brick it. We have a 100% perfect track record. 
Q: Can a flashed ECU be used with a Power Commander or Bazzaz unit?
A: Yes. The ECU flash will work seamlessly with any aftermarket controllers.
Q: Is an ECU flash similar to getting a Power Commander or Bazzaz unit?
A: They share some similar abilities, but no. An ECU flash is far more comprehensive in it's ability to alter your motorcycle. Typically a Power Commander will only alter your fueling and enable quick shifting. The ECU flash does both of these things while also controlling ignition mapping, fan temperatures, rev limiters, OEM o2 sensor functionality, editing individual drive modes, engine braking, velocity stack changeover point, throttle mapping and more. 
Q: After I receive your flashed ECU, can I make changes myself?
A: No. You would need to send your ECU in for a reflash if you would like any changes to be applied.
Q: Do you have custom fuel maps for my exhaust system?
A: Most likely. We have a comprehensive library of maps, for various configurations, from slip ons to full race systems. 
Q: Will I lose my "STD" mode or "B" mode after flashing, if we default to "A" mode?
A: No. You will still be able to use your mode selector switch to navigate between modes. The bike will simply start in "A" mode.
Q: Can you map for race fuel?
A: Yes.
Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: We typically have your ECU flashed and shipped within 1 business day of arrival. 
Q: Do you offer expedited shipping?
A: Yes, simply contact us via the contact form here and inform us of your needs. 
Q: Can you flash R6S models? 
A: No. We only flash the "R6R". The R6S is essentially a previous generation 03-05 YZF-R6 and we do not offer a flash for that model.
Q: Hi, is the ecu flash 100 % safe? I had a guy say he could reflash the ecu on my CBR1000RR and all he did was mess up the fueling and make it very lean. I was lucky it didn't blow up.

A: Yes, the ECU flash is 100% safe. We have done a lot of ECU flashes, with a flawless reputation and stellar reviews. Your friend's experience is not uncommon, there are lot of people flashing ECUs out there with home made or generic settings that can make a bike run worse or even cause damage. At the very least, they will be far from optimal. The difference with SBU ECU flashing is 1: We race all of the bikes that we flash and we use the same ECU flash on those race bikes and 2: all of our flashes are built from the ground up, using a dyno, closely monitoring AFRs. The end result is more power and OEM reliability. 

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