Bitubo XXF3 Adjustable Shock (w/ Hydraulic Preload) for 2017- 2020 Yamaha YZF-R6


Bitubo XXFB1 Adjustable Shock (w/ Pneumatic Preload) for 2017- 2020 Yamaha YZF-R6

Bitubo XXFB1 Adjustable Shock (w/ Pneumatic Preload) for 2015- 2020 Yamaha YZF-R1 / R1S / R1M

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Since 1975, Bitubo has been the ideal solution for those looking for the best from their machine: performance, comfort, driving precision, and above all, the quality of an excellent product, continuously developed in constant collaboration with advanced research centers, tested and developed with fatigue and destructive tests, both in software and dynamic simulations.  Bitubo products are used in WSBK, BSB, CIV, CEV, IDM, and many other national championships around the world.

Dedicated to the most demanding of riders, this is the most extreme version of the XXF.

PNEUMATIC SPRING PRELOAD: previously only available for official teams, is now available to everyone! Precision, speed and low mass are the essence of this new adjustment device. Adjustable via Bitubo's rechargeable tank

DLC coating on the piston rod: to reduce friction, therefore providing an immediate damping feedback during suspension oscillations.

The XXFB1 incorporates new technical solutions for improving the damping coefficient and increasing damping consistency at high temperatures. The 14mm rod improves sliding, while the 30mm piston reduces the mass of the fluid in motion. These improvements have produced a reduction of inertial forces, and thus immediate control of the suspension oscillations. Particular attention was paid to increase ergonomics and precision of the adjusters, which are all positioned on the upper portion of the shock for ease of access.

The target is to give the rider precise control and increase maximum grip, as well as even tire wear which is  provided by the immediate damping force. This gives confidence to the rider in the corners even at extreme lean angles, during fast direction changes and under hard  acceleration. At the same time it provides excellent stability at the rear, even under the most extreme braking, regardless of the track  or surface condition.


  • Low speed compression:                                 24 clicks
  • High speed compression:                                20 clicks
  • Rebound:                                                         24 clicks
  • Spring preload:                                                10 mm = 20 clicks
  • Length:                                                             8mm range


  • 2020 Yamaha YZF-R1
  • 2015-2019 Yamaha YZF-R1

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