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Alpha Racing SAS Airbox Block Off Plate - 2019-2020 BMW S1000RR

Alpha Racing RCK ProSTK BMW Motorrad Motorsport 2015-2018 Electronics Package- RCK Pro ECU, Dash, Harness, more - 2015-2018 BMW S1000RR (-2019 US model)

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Brands Alpha Racing
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RCK ProSTK BMW Motorrad Motorsport, 2D Big Dash, Electronic Control Unit, Main Harness and Engine Harness, Datalogger and Software for FIM STK, IDM, CEV, CIV, MotoA, Road Racing, Plug and Play.

RCK ProSTK Software Capabilities: 

Power Reduction: 
- Adjustable per gear to prevent excessive wheelie effect

Engine Braking:
- 10 configurable curves for the power at the rear wheel 
- Adjustable gear for gear 
- Closed loop adjustable 
- Variable, manual adjustment 

Wheelie control: 
- Gear by gear adjustable 
- Adjustable per mode 

- Tire radius adjustable per mode 
- Slip offset gear by gear adjustable 
- "SlipCorMod" table with more parameter points 

- Pit Lane Limiter speed limit 
- Adjustable power intervention (DTC launch, circuit, anti-wheelie by ignition cut)
- Lambda values ​​with programmable target values 
- Automatic launch activation in first gear 
- Engine brake adjustable by the driver (like DTC) 
- Error reading 
- Feedback for gearbox adaptation 

Logging & Dash: 
- Many more channels for the Data Recording evaluation 
- No download time 
- Sensor customization configurable 
- Mechanic Information with the most important technical parameters 

- Immobilizer function is eliminated, therefore ECU and Dash are interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle 
- No interface or extension box required (6 free analogue channels freely configurable with 2D Stick Logger) 
- ABS unit is not required (ABS not supported )
- DDC unit omitted completely (DDC not supported) 
- Logger and GPS unit separately (not integrated in Dash or ECU) 

For full functionality, the following parts are required or recommended: 

- Front travel sensors 7470HP001A00 and rear 7470HP002A00 
- Front brake pressure sensor 7470HP008A00 and rear 7470HP009A00 
- Oil Pressure Sensor 7470HP010A00 
- GPS Mouse 6520HP001A00 
- Fast shift sensor 7725A010C00 
- E-gas grip with aluminum housing 6131B001A00 
- 2D license for analysis software

- ECU 
- 2D - Big Dash 
- Wiring Harness 
- ECU Internal Analogous to Can Module 
- Wheel Speed Unit - RCK Pro-STK Software & Hardware 
- ECU Internal Enable Codes 
- Lambda Sensor 
- Switch Unit Right, Function: Starter, Mode (Dry1, Dry2, Intermediate and Rain) and kill switch 
- switch unit left, function: engine brake and DTC settings 
- On / Off switch 

Oil pressure switch 7470A118A00, RCK interface 77538546642, adapter gasoline pump 6113A040A00 (S 1000 RR 2015-2016) and GPS Mouse 6520HP001A00 are available by request. 


Note: For racing use only.  



  • 2015-2018 BMW S1000RR

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